Monday, January 16, 2012

How do they do that? Glowing, dewy cheeks!

This is the first installment of "How Do They Do That?". Today I will reveal the secret to acheiving that glowing look that all of Hollywood is obsessed with.

You don't have to have the perfect complexion to pull this look off. You don't have to be pregnant or tan or drink a ton of water to get that glow.

Here's what you do:

(Word of caution: too much shimmer can make you look greasy.)

Tools needed: Small contour blush brush
                      Angled blush brush
                      Kabuki brush
                      Medium stippling brush
                      Powder bronzer of your choice
                      Light pink or peach powder blush
                      Cream blush in same or similar shade
                      Highlighting powder or white, shimmery eye shadow

 The process:  Start with your bronzer and the contour brush. Purse your lips together like you're puckering up for a kiss. Notice the area just below your cheekbones. This is the are you want to contour starting at the temple and working your way downward.

Next, take your angled brush and apply your pink or peach powder blush to the apples of your cheeks. Try smiling to define the area. Start from the apple and work your way back to the temples. I follow up with a Kabuki brush to blend the bronzer and blush slightly so there are no obvious lines.

Then, use your finger tips to apply your cream blush just over the area you used your powder blush on. Make sure that you stipple it on lightly and avoid rubbing it in.

Finally, take your stippling brush and apply the highlighting powder or eyeshadow just above the apples of your cheeks. You don't want to do too much or have it cover too wide of an area. Apply just enough to highlight the cheekbones.

Tada! No you have a dewy complextion and it was easy!

Products used for this demonstration:  Lancome Star bronzer natural matte
                                                         (don't use a shimmery bronzer to contour)
                                                          Clinique Aglow powder blush
                                                          Clinique glow blush cream stick
                                                          Mac Mineralize Skinfinish highlighting powder

Have fun with it!