Thursday, June 21, 2012

Travelstyle/Guest Post: Grocery Shopping Tips


I'm jet-setting to Orlando today for a conference so we have a great guest post today!  See you Monday!

Stock Your Cabinets Without Emptying Your Wallet
Let’s face it. The recession is in full swing, and many of us have felt the impact. We’ve been forced to cut things from our budget and put limits on anything that isn’t a necessity. However, saving money on the things that are essential is another way to tighten the belt and extend the limits of your money.

Something that can really eat up a paycheck is a visit to the grocery store. We have to eat, but we don’t have to take out a second mortgage in order to do so. There are many money-saving ideas that you can use to lessen your grocery bill and free up some cash for other needs and wants.

Create a Menu
Creating a menu for the week is one of the best ways to save at the grocery store. Simply plan ahead what you’re going to make in the week to come, make a list of ingredients you’ll need, and stick to the list when shopping. This ensures that you will get everything you need and not a bunch of extra stuff that you grabbed just in case.

Buy Store Brands
Most stores have a store brand version of anything you need to buy. These brands are always cheaper than the name brands, and you probably won’t even be able to notice the difference.

Shop Alone
You know what you need, and you don’t need anyone else telling you what he or she wants.  How often do you hear “can I have” or “I want” when shopping with your kids or spouse? Once is too many. Stick to the list. They certainly won’t starve and you will cut out extra expenses.

Drink More Water
Not only is it good for you, it’s a lot cheaper than sodas. Give yourself a week to get used to it, and you won’t even miss those expensive carbonated beverages.

Avoid Prepared Food
It’s more expensive for a reason. Not only are you paying for the food, you’re also paying for the preparation. Again, not only will this save you money, but it’s healthier too.

Stock Up
If you find a sale on something that you regularly buy, buy a few of them. Chances are, next week they will be regular price again. You might as well take advantage of the low price for as long as you can.

Look Down
Most stores use many marketing tactics. They know that, naturally, you are going to scan the shelves at eye-level more closely than the shelves by your feet. The more expensive versions of things will almost always be looking you in the eye, while its cheaper counterpart is hiding on the bottom shelf.

If you follow these steps while taking advantage of sales and coupons, you will be surprised by how much you’ll save. If only it were this easy to save money everywhere. Since they don’t offer a store brand electric bill or bulk discounts on gasoline, you have to same money anywhere you can.

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