Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On a Personal Note: home again, home again

I've been a stay-at-home mom for 16 months now.  I left my "dream job" as a Resident Director at Biola University in Los Angeles to move to Raleigh for my husband's job at our church here. I'm recently realizing some beautiful benefits of being home...a lot.  And on many days more than I would like.  That's why Graham and I frequent the Target snack counter too often, make up reasons to go for a drive and sometimes just show up at Dad's office unannounced to say "hi."  That may sound glorious to some of you but it's kind of hard for me, specifically after nap time and before Daddy gets home.

But here are 3 gifts of being home that I am deeply savoring right now:

*The gift of starting days with perspective

Never been a morning person.  Never will be.  Being home allows me to slowly waddle to my coffee pot (I waddle when I'm tired), put my son in front of a video (which I don't feel guilty about anymore) and open God's word and ask him what he wants to show me that morning.  Sometimes it's profound- feeling like Scripture was written to pierce my heart specifically.  But more often it's a subtle perspective shift: Jesus is Lord and I am not.  Today, loving God looks like doing dishes, talking with friends, putting my son in time out 10 + times and listening to my husband's heart.

*The gift of being available

I used to be very busy.  I'm a high capacity person and I realize that can be a great thing.  But I seldom had time or space for those opportunities to help someone last minute or check in with someone who's hurting or make a meal for a friend.  It's honestly been so fun to get to do that more often.  God delights us as we give ourselves away to others.  I need that reminder so often.

*The gift of training my son

My friend reminded me yesterday of how repetition is at the core of parenthood, especially with a 2 year old.  I literally need to record myself saying "no more elmo" "no more cookies" and Graham could probably stay home alone.  But seriously, I have been so frustrated at how repetitive it is to train a little human.  What I'm realizing is how it is training me to have to repent for my impatience, be slower to speak and control my anger.  It's not fun but I know it's a gift.

For those of you that are "homers" like me, I'd love to hear what you are savoring right now.  And for those of you who don't choose to be home or don't get to be, I'm sure you can think of some gifts of not being home every day.  I'm sure these thoughts might have reminded you of those too ;).  God is gracious to give us gifts in each season.  Don't forget to look for them.

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