Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On a Personal Note: no one told me

Been having some Mother's Day reflections this week which started off by thinking about all the things people didn't tell me before I became a mom:

1) That I would be sobbing on my bed while in labor (it was time to head to the hospital) saying, "Dave, it won't just be me and you when we come home."  He said something to the effect of "you are going to have this baby right here if you don't get your tail in the car."
2) That I would think numerous times in those first months that I didn't want to love another human this much- felt too risky.
3) That being forced out of many of my self-centered patterns would be painful and also the catalyst for a lot of growth.
4) That it takes 8 months, not 8 weeks to fit back into your clothes (at least if you don't make a decent effort :).
5) That I would find a new respect and need for my own parents.
6) That "mommy" may not be his first word.  Sometimes it comes long after "duck" and "quack" and "no" and of course, "daddy".
7)  That I would go in and watch him sleep every single night.
8) That I would ask the question at least once a day the entire first year, "What am I supposed to do in this situation?"
9) That I need to be reminded daily that he belongs ultimately to the Lord and not to me.
10) That I now understand more what it means that God rejoices over and delights in his children.

I guess some things are better learned first-hand.