Friday, May 18, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Style Consultations

I am so excited to be able to let you behind the scenes of my latest Style Consultation!
Hannah graciously agreed to let the readers of Simply Chic Mom in on her experience last week.
Here we go!

Here is Hannah (on her cute, stylish bed)


We always make sure to have a pen in hand to write down:

* style statement
* outfits we create
* a "wish list" shopping list to be on the lookout for when the price is right

Then we start exploring the closet:

(or really her 30 v-neck tshirts :)
I have Hannah show me one of her favorite "go-to" outfits so I can get an idea of her style and help her incorporate pieces that she already owns into the new style statement we develop.

Along the way we discover:
 Many pairs of Toms
And even more running shoes!

A hardly worn hat that must be incorporated into her style because it looks fabulous!

See what I mean? 

A need for a few jewelry updates 

We start by helping her create outfits with the pieces in her wardrobe that she already loves.

We tackle some "hard to wear" items and figure out how she can wear them comfortably.

For example: color-blocking with these pants.

As we go along, we start making a shopping list for items that would complete the outfits she owns.
For Hannah, some of these included:
*A royal blue blazer for color blocking
*More prints- preferably floral to give her look more femininity
*Some neutral gold and silver jewelry

We even did some online shopping exploration to help her get an idea of where she could look for these items. 

By the end we had a style statement for Hannah: "classy hipster"
Sounds like an oxymoron but she's got just enough class and just enough funk to own the statement.

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